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1 in 3 city Housing Authority tenants say mold returns after NYCHA claims it's fixed

One in three city Housing Authority tenants say mold in their apartments returns even after NYCHA claims the problem is fixed, according to a city investigation. The ineffectiveness of dozens of these court-ordered “repairs” emerges in an internal report by the city Department of Investigation obtained under the Freedom of Information law by the Daily News. (click link for more)

Bill the Builder

When Mayor de Blasio appeared last Sunday before 2,200 leaders from Metro Industrial Areas Foundation, he was already beginning to pivot away from his bruising, but successful, struggle to secure pre-K funding and to talk about other important issues, housing being the most prominent. (click link for more)

Groups Prod NYCHA to Keep Promises on Mold

East Harlem — It’s been six months since two community groups and the New York Housing Authority signed a landmark settlement agreement to address mold and moisture problems in public housing units and three months since a federal judge ordered the new rules into effect. (click link for more)

Public housing complex must clean mold within 15 days

The New York City Housing Authority vowed yesterday to remove mold from asthmatics’ apartments at Brooklyn’s Van Dyke Houses as part of a lawsuit settlement. (click link for more)

NYC to Address Rampant Mold and Moisture Problems in Public Housing Following NRDC Lawsuit

The New York City Housing Authority will take majors steps to address the city’s severe and pervasive mold and moisture problem in its public housing stock, thanks to a settlement agreement reached today in a class action lawsuit filed by the Natural Resources Defense Council and the National Center for Law and Economic Justice on behalf of affected tenants. This is especially good news for residents with asthma, particularly children and the elderly, whose health has been suffering as a result of mold in their apartments. (click link for more)

Lawsuit Forces NYCHA To Remove Mold In Days, Not Months

A lawsuit and settlement agreement filed in federal court will force NYCHA to swiftly remove mold from public housing units. Previously the housing authority had painted over or bleached moldy walls, which caused residents with asthma and other respiratory ailments to suffer difficulty breathing, wheezing, hospitalization, and a proliferation of cockroaches and other vermin in their apartments. (click link for more)

New York City Housing Authority Agrees to Address Mold, Contributor to Asthma Epidemic

On New Year’s Eve last year, Rossana de la Cuadra wasn’t celebrating. She was in the hospital with her six-year-old daughter, Amanda Santos, who was experiencing yet another severe asthma attack. An inspection of the family’s apartment, in the city-owned Van Dyke building in East New York, Brooklyn, revealed a possible threat to Amanda’s health: heavy mold growth in the bathroom and moisture on the walls, including in Amanda’s bedroom. (click link for more)

Facing Suit, New York City Agrees to Remove Mold in Public Housing More Quickly

The New York City Housing Authority will deal more quickly and more thoroughly with mold in its apartments as part of an agreement by the Bloomberg administration to settle a federal lawsuit by people living in housing projects and coping with asthma. (click link for more)

NYC Housing Authority to come under judicial oversight over mold in apartments

EXCLUSIVE: The federal judicial intervention is seen as a step toward resolving NYCHA’s inability to tackle an issue that affects hundreds of tenants citywide. Tenants and their attorneys can now go directly to a judge to slap financial penalties on the agency if it doesn’t get the job done right. (click link for more)

A breath of fresh air

The landmark federal court settlement between City Hall and mold-plagued The landmark federal court settlement between City Hall and mold-plagued residents of the New York City Housing Authority is a stinging indictment of the horrors inflicted on tenants under the leadership of Chairman John Rhea. (click Link below to read more)


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