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Improving Schools

SBC has a long history of organizing to improve schools locally in the Bronx, and Citywide by working with our Metro IAF partner organizations.

We helped to launch amongst the first new small public schools in the Bronx, in addition to working with public charter schools, and supporting retaining mayoral control of schools.  

We have also supported principals locally by helping them navigate through local issues, by, for example, organizing meetings with local police commanders to address safety.

Mott Haven Campus

SBC imagined and pushed for the construction of the Mott Haven Campus – a campus of four new public schools that will serve 2,200 children.

This $240 Million campus includes athletic fields, open space, a performing arts center, a library, and other amenities.

In May of 2014 SBC and other Metro IAF leaders and staff launched a campaign of hundreds of relational meetings with parents, educators and other community leaders concerned about education. We uncovered several challenges and opportunities in New York City schools, including:

  • in far too many cases legally required, desperately needed evaluations and services are not delivered to special needs students,
  • to often, sufficient staff and capable schools and programs to help special needs students are unavailable,
  • gifted and talented students in many of the poorest communities are underserved, and
  • there are far too few safe middle schools where students can learn.

We held two education forums with the NY Daily News, and two other public actions in 2015 and 2016, to bring these issues to light. We also met with Department of Education (DOE) and other public officials, and continued research and relationship building with high quality educators, parents and others. We have started to achieve results. Recently the NYC DOE has:

However, much work remains to be done to support and expand what is working, improve or replace what isn’t and provide enough resources and accountability make sure all students can get the kind of education they need. SBC and Metro IAF leaders will continue to build relationships with educators and families as well as to work with and push the NYC DOE and other public officials to ensure this happens.

A Bronx teacher addressing NYC Schools Chancellor Carmen Farina at Metro IAF/NY Daily News Education Forum, May 2015.

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