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SBC is a coalition of churches and other organizations formed in 1987 to reverse their neighborhood’s downward spiral. While the South Bronx still has many challenges, its streets are now infused with new homes, schools, stores and residents. SBC’s work has been central to this revitalization. Our accomplishments include:

  • Building 1,000 units of affordable Nehemiah and other homes These homes, with almost no foreclosures, transformed abandoned lots into thriving communities.
  • Public Housing:  SBC and other Metro IAF organization helped in winning thousands of repairs to leaky pipes, broken elevators, and many other serious problems, exposing the huge repair backlog, ending the use of a dangerous pesticide, and winning a settlement to force the housing authority to actually repair mold and moisture. SBC and Metro IAF are working to help tenants ensure the settlement is followed and that other critical improvements are made.   
  • Neighborhood Safety: working with and holding police accountable to deal properly with criminal activity and other important quality of life issues.
  • Victories on a wide range of other issues including, transportation and sanitation.
  • Helping scores of new leaders develop and strengthen their institutions.

SBC is an affiliate of the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF), the first and largest organizing network in the United States. IAF, which has affiliates in the U.S., UK, Australia, Canada, and Germany, and provides supervision and training to SBC leaders and staff, along with cooperation from other affiliate organizations.


SBC Leaders holding police accountable to making communities safer

Nehemiah Homes built by SBC

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