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About a year after the 2009 Rick Santelli rant that helped trigger the rise of the Tea Party, a reporter from a national newspaper called and asked what I thought “Rules for Radicals” author Saul Alinsky would have said if he’d been told that many of the organizing tools and concepts promoted by Alinsky had been studied and applied by Tea Party leaders.

A Priest’s Legacy: Blessing His Flock, and Organizing It

Soft light shone upon the body of the Rev. Neil Connolly, which lay in repose under the dome of St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. A procession of mourners — nuns, priests, family and friends — made their way up the aisle, hugging one another as they approached his open coffin, stopped and prayed, then gently touched his pristine robe as a final goodbye.

New commanding officer named at 40th Precinct

Former Queens precinct leader succeeds Carlos Valdez For the third time in just over two years, there is new leadership in the 40th Precinct.

News Best of the Bronx: South Bronx Churches

For 25 years, a non-profit organization has been helping to bring about change and reform in one of the poorest districts in the Bronx. The South Bronx Churches is an advocacy group made up of dozens of institutions and churches. It has built affordable housing units and schools in underserved communities, and is now focused on special education and improving the quality of life in...

Edward Chambers, Community Organizing’s Unforgiving Hero

On a June night in 1978, a community organizer named Edward Chambers drove through the shattered bricks and waist-high weeds of the Brooklyn neighborhood of Brownsville, finding his way along streets that no longer had signs. He was expected at a nearby Lutheran church by a group of local clergy. Its members had reached out to Chambers, a disciple of Saul Alinsky, in the hope that he could help them rescue a section of New York so devastated that Boston’s mayor, on a visit, had declared it “the beginning of the end of our civilization.”

Edward Chambers, Early Leader in Community Organizing, Dies at 85

Edward T. Chambers, a lapsed seminarian who succeeded Saul Alinsky as leader of Mr. Alinsky’s social justice foundation, advancing his radical agenda of community organizing and grounding its progressive objectives in the Gospels, died on April 26 at a nursing home near his home in Drimoleague, Ireland. He was 85.

Why Living-Wage Laws Are Not Enough—and Minimum-Wage Laws Aren’t Either

I am a lifelong organizer—in labor and community settings—and am proud to say that I helped spearhead the living-wage campaign in Baltimore twenty years ago this fall. Our campaign was led by the religious leaders of BUILD—Baltimoreans United in Leadership Development, an affiliate of the Industrial Areas Foundation—along with a team of determined low-wage service workers. While we received support from the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), this effort was conceived, planned, implemented and owned by local civic and clergy leaders alongside local workers.

Rev. John Grange, Who Welcomed Bronx’s Latinos, Dies at 73

The Rev. John Grange, a Spanish-speaking son of Irish-Americans who helped rebuild the impoverished South Bronx parish where he was raised into a more hospitable and promising place for Hispanic immigrants to New York City, died on Thursday in the Bronx. He was 73. (click link for more)

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