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NYCHA is de Blasio’s mess: The mayor is the responsible party for the poor state of public housing

NYCHA’s new chair, Gregory Russ, is starting this week. I have some advice for Russ: stay home. I’m a longtime public housing resident and I’ve watched Mayor de Blasio squander six years of time, money and leadership trying to turn around our crumbling, unhealthy and dangerous buildings, like the one I live in.

NYCHA has failed to fix nearly 60,000 mold complaints

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s embattled housing authority failed to fix nearly 60,000 of the leak and toxic mold complaints it received from tenants in recent months — roughly three in every five — despite spending six years under court orders requiring rapid fixes, new court filings show.

César de Castro is NYCHA tenants' pick to solve the mold problem

NYCHA tenants are planning a rally to promote the appointment of César de Castro as an ombudsperson to oversee mold remediation and prevention in public housing ahead of a court hearing Friday to weigh candidates for the position.

Councilman Ritchie Torres calls on judge to appoint NYCHA mold maestro

Where’s the ombudsman? Nearly a year after ordering NYCHA to take on an ombudsman to handle complaints of toxic mold plaguing the city’s beleaguered public housing system, a federal judge is yet to make the appointment.

Federal judge appoints watchdog to force NYCHA’s mold clean-up

A federal judge issued a court order Friday appointing an ombudsman to force the New York City Housing Authority to clean up its mold throughout the city. The order, signed by U.S. District Court Judge William Pauley, authorized the appointment of Cesar de Castro as ombudsman through 2021.

“Mi apartamento casi me mata”: residente de NYCHA

En el 2002, Santiaga Sánchez lloraba la pérdida de su esposo sentada en la sala de un pequeño apartamento de una habitación en Parkchester, El Bronx. A su lado sus tres hijos escuchaban los lamentos de preocupación: sin su esposo, no había dinero para pagar una vivienda.

Judge who rejected NYCHA monitor deal approves much narrower plan addressing only toxic mold

The judge who rejected a proposed plan to impose a federal monitor to handle NYCHA’s many problems Thursday gave a thumbs up to a much narrower plan that focuses only on one persistent issue – toxic mold.

Inquilinos testifican en Corte Federal sobre “condiciones inhumanas” en NYCHA

Digna Castillo, una inmigrante hondureña que lleva más de 25 años residiendo en un edificio de NYCHA en El Bronx, vive preocupada por el deterioro que, asegura, está consumiendo su apartamento. Ella ha reparado por su cuenta algunos de los desperfectos porque, según explica, oficiales de la Agencia de Vivienda Pública de la Ciudad no le contestan sus quejas.

NYCHA Residents Decry Living Conditions

Hundreds of New York City Housing Authority residents testified in federal court in Manhattan Wednesday, decrying the persistent problems inside their homes, from lead paint to moldy walls, and heat and water issues.


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