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Council Speaker Corey Johnson pushes $2B affordable housing plan for seniors

City Council Speaker Corey Johnson is proposing spending $2 billion to build 15,000 new affordable apartments for seniors on NYCHA land.

NYCHA agrees to appoint independent ombudsman to push repairs, impose fines

Four years after promising but failing to clean up festering mold in its apartments, NYCHA Friday agreed to the appointment of an independent ombudsman who can penalize the authority for future failures.

NYCHA promises fungus fix – again

The beleaguered New York City Housing Authority, which has been in court since 2013 over its handling of mold, has agreed — yet again — to clean up its act.

Groups Take NYCHA Back to Court Over Rampant Mold Problem

Ms. Awilda Garcia has been fighting NYCHA to fix the mold problem in her bathroom of the East Village’s Wald Houses for 11 years. She suffers from asthma, and her illness is exacerbated by it. She has consistently put in work order requests, and NYCHA has made 10 maintenance visits to her apartment so far. But instead of fixing the underlying moisture problem fueling the mold, each time they’ve taken superficial steps to merely mask it—cleaning the ceiling and painting over it. And, inevitably, it returns in short order

Concejo Municipal contempla plan de rescate de viviendas de NYCHA

El Concejo Municipal sutuvo una audiencia sobre la administración de la Autoridad de Vivienda, la agencia al frente de la vivienda pública en la ciudad y cuya Presidenta renunció en medio del escándalo a principios de mes por la presencia de plomo, falta de calefacción y múltiples demandas de sus residentes.

NYCHA residents tired of being treated as ‘second-class citizens,’ demand money for repairs

The New York City Housing Authority’s beleaguered state of affairs has once again led residents to take to City Hall to demand more money.

NYCHA residents to give council members tour of properties

City housing residents will lead council members on an “inspection tour” of NYCHA properties to show them the “dangerous conditions” of their homes and hold a rally on the steps of City Hall, according to a network of citizens organizations.

NYCHA tenants, councilman hold rally for more funding

THE BRONX - Frustrated NYCHA tenants held a rally Monday, asking Mayor Bill de Blasio for billions of dollars in funding due to apartment problems that include mold and cracked ceilings.

Councilmember rips NYCHA conditions

It ‎was a tour of worse. Councilmember Rafael Salamanca shook his head in disgust as he surveyed the abundant mold dominating the ceilings and walls of Norma Nazario’s apartment at Melrose Houses.


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